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Our Vision

Interior image of picture. Following in the footsteps of Blessed Basil Moreau, the administrative team focuses on the health and well-being of each resident. We believe that this is each one’s “home” and with our residents, we are caretakers of this sacred space.
As an administrative team, we strive to:

  • Be visible and connected to staff, family and residents.
  • Demonstrate compassion, validation, care and support.
  • Provide individualized care and encourage our residents to create their own personal space.
  • Create meaningful and lasting relationships among staff, residents, and family.
  • Have consistent staff assignments which foster continuity and consistency of care.
  • Provide personal living accommodations with a sense of peace, comfort, safety and community.
  • Invest in our staff through building teams focused on education and dedication.
  • Use effective communication and problem solving skills in addressing any challenges which may arise.