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March 2024 Activity Calendar

Keeping people engaged in life is essential to their well-being. We promote interactions and activities which create community, encourage and stimulate socialization, and celebrate life in all its moments of joy and difficulty. Our activities offer daily life opportunities for meaning and purpose while encouraging our residents to give and teach, to participate and share. We always look for reasons to celebrate, whether it’s a resident’s birthday or cultural events particular to Louisiana.

Here’s just a few of the regular activities you’ll experience at Prompt Succor and C’est la Vie.

  • Games, including Bingo, Pokeno, card games and board games
  • Monthly birthday parties and seasonal celebrations
  • Social outings and cultural excursions
  • One-on-one activities are provided to those who are bed-bound
  • Mass is celebrated daily at 9:00 am

We make every effort to accommodate our residents’ personal wishes for activities.